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At Adept Solutions, we have trained thousands of students on the hundreds of courses we have on offer. One thing we have noticed is how relationships are built during the time of training and these relationships continue to grow into friendships and networks that span a lifetime. If you are in the corporate world, you need to understand the value of networking. Done right, it will set you up for upward progression in your professional career and also other bigger opportunities well after you have left your job.

With this in mind we want to continue to cultivate these beneficial relationships amoung professionals in Zimbabwe by encouraging them to invest in their professional development as teams and enjoy great discounts whilst doing so. We love it when groups work together towards their professional career development. We believe that teams that work together achieve more together so team up with your friends and colleagues, pick a course and register with us before February 28th. If you register and pay as a group of 4 or more for any of the courses we are offering you get to enjoy a 12% discount.


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