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Certified Secure Programmer

The course teaches developers how to identify security flaws and implement security countermeasures throughout the software development life cycle.

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This course will be invaluable to software developers and programmers alike to code and develop highly secure applications and web applications. 

Learn how to code and develop secure applications with greater stability and posing minimal security risks to the consumer. Get your EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer certification in just five days. Depending on whether you’re used to working with .NET or Java, you’ll be able to tailor your course based on the environment you work in. Choose either the .NET or Java labs and exam – and get the accreditation you want.

As an ECSP you’ll improve the overall quality of your products and applications by identifying security flaws and implementing security countermeasures throughout the software development life cycle. This course is based on the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top Ten Threats, a guide to the most common categories of application security problems.

What you’ll learn

This course builds on your development skills in C#, C++, Java, PHP, ASP, .NET and SQL. You’ll learn about key secure programming topics, including:

  • Framework Security
  • .NET Authentication and Authorisation
  • .NET & Java Cryptography
  • Secure File Handling

If you’re designing and building Windows/Web based applications with .NET/Java, the ECSP certification is for you. You’ll learn the latest techniques and strategies in secure programming through classroom discussions and a series of practical labs.

Enrolment Requirements

Intended for programmers who are responsible for designing and building secure Windows/Web based applications with .NET/Java Framework. It is designed for developers who have C#, C++, Java, PHP, ASP, .NET and SQL development skills.

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Become a Certified Secure Programmer.

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