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SharePoint Certification

Get hands-on SharePoint training to master this popular collaboration platform and open the door to new career possibilities.

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Microsoft certification in SharePoint is beneficial for both IT companies and individuals who want to build up career around this platform. For IT businesses, having certified SharePoint professionals means effective teams, high productivity and good repute among partners and customers.

With 85% of Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint, no wonder the demand for SharePoint professionals in the IT sphere is on the rise. In fact, there more than 65,000 offerings for SharePoint-related positions on LinkedIn alone. The six most popular SharePoint roles include an administrator, a developer, an architect, an engineer, an analyst, and a consultant.

At ScienceSoft, we have 20+ Microsoft-certified SharePoint experts on our team. As an experienced provider of Office 365 and SharePoint solution and managed SharePoint support, we know that Microsoft certifications are a competitive advantage both for the candidates and for the company to win new customers. In this article, we’ll give an overview of currently available Microsoft SharePoint certificates and related exams as well as describe their benefits for professionals and businesses.

Why opt for SharePoint certification?

A Microsoft SharePoint certificate brings various benefits to both technical specialists and IT companies that hire them.

Benefits for specialists

  • Proof of skills and expertise. SharePoint certificates of the Associate and Expert levels guarantee that their owners have at least two years of comprehensive experience of working with SharePoint and have gained relevant skills that employers recognize and respect.
  • Competitive advantage. According to Microsoft, 86% of hiring managers prefer job applicants with an IT certificate, and 64% of IT managers prefer Microsoft certification to certification from other training institutions. Thus, certified SharePoint specialists have stronger chances to be hired.
  • Higher salaries and positions. Certified professionals earn 15% more than non-certified ones. Also, certified professionals are more likely to get hired for senior positions.

Benefits for businesses

  • High credibility. SharePoint certificates are very easy to verify. An HR manager can ask a candidate for their unique access code and view the candidate’s record on the Microsoft certification site.
  • High productivity. 63% of hiring managers say certified individuals are more productive than their non-certified counterparts. And Microsoft certified developers are 90% more productive.
  • Microsoft partnership status. Some Microsoft competency partnerships demand a business to have a certain number of Microsoft certified professionals. For example, to become a Microsoft Gold partner in Collaboration and Content, a business needs to have at least 4 individuals who have passed SharePoint certification exams.

SharePoint certifications

SharePoint certification lies within the Modern Workplace Microsoft career path, and they are divided into three levels:

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