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This course teaches in a step-by-step approach how to use Oracle Business Intelligence to enable business intelligence through data analysis.

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In the age of data analysis, organisations’ ability to extract information and intelligence out of data is not a luxury; it’s a business enabler. Business intelligence is one critical aspect of the ever expanding data analysis ecosystem.

Oracle Business Intelligence 12c is the latest offering from Oracle in the business intelligence domain. In this course, Getting Started with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, you’ll learn a step-by-step approach on how to use OBI to enable business intelligence through data analysis. First, you’ll discover that this an introductory course. Next, you’ll explore the engine analytical capabilities. Finally, you’ll learn about visualization capabilities. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to continue your journey towards being an expert OBI developer.

This course covers download and installation of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition software including additional required software. After successful installation of the software you be shown how to work with the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Administration Tool ( to build, modify, enhance, and manage an Oracle BI repository. You will learn how to import metadata from a data source, simplify and reorganize the imported metadata into a business model, and then structure the business model for presentation to users who request business intelligence information via analyses and interactive dashboards.

 Then you will be shown how to create and modify analyses with different views, and add these analyses in interactive dashboards and alerts used to deliver the notifications by using your preferred method of communication. Additionally you will learn how to use variables, master-detail linking of views and adding various reports to briefing books and editing briefing books to update content.

Enrolment Requirements

Students need to have intermediate knowledge of working with a PC and also willingness to follow instructions in the learning process.

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