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Solaris 10 Essentials

Learn how to perform file and directory management, manage user work environment and use remote commands.


This Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System Essentials course explores the key features and capabilities of the Solaris 10 OS. Interact with expert Oracle University instructors through formalized instruction, discussions, question and answers sessions and hands-on exercises.

Course Outline

Adept Solutions offers training in Oracle Solaris 10 OS Essentials that acquaints students with the key features and potentials of Sun’s Solaris 10 Operating System. It provides a professional glide path for achieving the Sun Certified Solaris Associate certification.

Some of the course contents include using remote commands, archiving files, and directory and file management. The training also imparts the skills related to user work environment management. Students additionally understand the basic command-line capabilities of Solaris Operating System. These include file permissions, command shells, and ACLs – access control lists.

Enrolment Requirements

The candidate must be able to use basic computer hardware (monitor, keyboard, and mouse) and input commands and control characters from a keyboard.

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